Finally reach your best body with ease!

By truly understanding your body & applying a personalized strategy.

no more going for it & "it" lasting 2 months

You're eating healthy & working out. So why are you still not losing weight?

You’re tired of being misled by one-sided prescriptive advice that leaves you frustrated and defeated. You’re done doubting whether feeling good in your body without being on a strict diet is even possible for you! (”Be in a calorie deficit.” “Weight lifting is best for fat loss.” “Fasting will change your life.”)

Health & fat loss shouldn’t be this complicated. You deserve to feel your best.

Hey, I’m Alexia, Your Health Coach.

I'm here to change the way you're thinking about nutrition & exercise.

I believe every woman deserves to feel and look her best without cutting out all of her favourite foods or running off the calorie surplus. So if the thought of ordering a burger AND the fries on a rest day makes you want to jump on the table and yell “I did it!” I’m right there with you.

Because I’m not treating this like a 2-way option (food freedom vs. weight loss). I’m treating this like you want to live life to the fullest and be confident AF in your body. No restriction. No doubt or overwhelm.

It's time you have what you want, and enjoy the process!


That’s totally not how I’m doing things.

Do you believe all “fit” nutritionist girlies that tell you to “just want it more” actually spend hours (that you don't have) in the grocery shop, kitchen & gym?

I’ll never add more stress to your life. I’m here to tweak the things you’re already doing for maximal results, provide evidence-based hacks & a whole lot of introspective questions for you to be empowered to take on the world (well, to take on your body, your eating & your mindset – which basically means the world, AM I RIGHT?). Because I’m a lazy perfectionist, through and through.

The online course to finally honor and properly nourish your body, indulge with intention, and the strategy that'll actually get you toned & maintain it!

The lazy girl’s guide to getting lean, aka. the program to help you create, optimize & love your body specific workout routine & mindset so you can get more results by doing less, but smarter.

nourish consciously


From nutrition to fitness, neuroscience, psychology, spirituality, and healing - there will be no limits here. 

Bridging the gap between body, mind & soul, between science & spirituality. Intimate real-talk, action steps, mindset shifts so you can start nourishing your body, mind & soul consciously & with ease.

meal & grocery planner

Easy fat loss meals, every day.

Download the free meal & grocery planner that will make weekly fat loss meals that are actually delicious so easy. No more overthinking what you'll have for dinner or wasting half the spinach bag...

This is a MUST-HAVE, plus there's lots of optimised recipes in there!

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