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From nutrition to fitness, neuroscience, psychology, spirituality, and healing - there will be no limits here. 

Bridging the gap between body, mind & soul, between science & spirituality. Intimate real-talk, action steps, mindset shifts so you can start nourishing your body, mind & soul consciously & with ease.


"I listened to all of your podcast episodes, taking notes & let me tell you that you are amazing and it helped me A LOT."

“When you've finished all the online program content but need more Alexia in your life.” - Xanthe A.

What you'll find on this pod:

No BS Facts, Step-by-Step Frameworks & Some Tough Love

Inspiring Stories & Raw Honest Look Into my Soul

Deep Conversations You Won't Hear Anywhere else


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I uncover what cravings actually are and what they're not, how to deal with cravings in the moment and how to reduce cravings in the long run. 

Meal & Grocery Planner

Meal & Grocery Planner

Download my free meal & grocery planner that will change your life! No more overthinking what you'll have for dinner or wasting food...

This is a MUST-HAVE, plus there's lots of optimised recipes in there!

Ten Tricks for Better Insta Photos

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