‘cause we know that once you feel confident in your body,
your life will be changed!

I’m not here to
help you reach your body goals.
I’m here to transform your life.

no meal plans or workout programs here!

You couldn’t care less about learning how to read food labels. But what do you care about? Being free of food thoughts. Feeling sexy in your body. Loving your workouts & the foods you eat.

That’s why you don’t want to hire a nutritionist who makes you log & show what you eat. You want someone to guide you towards fully trusting your own body & choices.

So, if you’re looking for a health coach who provides context and says “What do you feel like eating? What does your body want?” Welcome to my world. Let’s throw out numbers and “should” and let your body wisdom lead the way.

that's me!

This is better!

I don’t just help you lose weight the healthy way. I teach you how to listen to, trust, & nourish your body so you can finally be confident in the woman that you already are.

Your body knows best. You already have the answers.

I am feeling the fear & pain with you. You are not alone. 

Life is supposed to be enjoyed. There are no rules.

Just a heads up – This is not evidence-based, but may still help.

I spent 2 years in college watching YouTube videos and documentaries & trying every single diet out there, just to feel even more lost & hating my body.

To be healthy, happy & in my best body without constant dieting, I believed I had to learn and master every aspect of health and fitness.I completed my Neuroscience BSc, my Nutrition MSc, and extensive exercise physiology studies to get a deep scientific understanding of the mind, human behaviour, appetite hormones, endocrinology, metabolism, and nutrition. 

Moreover, my search for the “perfect” body and fitness routine led me to become a Yoga teacher (& finding spirituality on the way), a Pilates Instructor, and a Personal Trainer. I completely dove into movement, sculpting & fat-burning mechanisms.

I finally had all of the tools and knowledge, and yet I was still struggling with food and my body image... and I thought I was "broken"!Little did I know, this journey didn’t have to be THIS long.

confession time:


Until the day, I made a decision that I would stop trying to control and force my body, diet & workout routine to fit to look a certain way. I needed to dive deeper. I needed to heal my relationship with food, and with myself and learn how to trust my body and myself so I could surrender.
I went to therapy, and I hired a master coach. I committed to overcoming the mental struggle around food to free myself.

 Now? I blend it all - personalised strategy & deep mindset work! I love my body, my life, and who I am. I'm no longer overthinking food, stuck in the emotional eating cycles, or burning off calories from a binge. I have created a healthy & balanced routine that is optimised for my body and adapts to my lifestyle, not the other way around.  And the best part is I am in TOTAL charge of how I treat my body, how my body feels & looks.

Slow mornings, strong coffee, spicy margs, good skincare, owning your worth, and really fun nails.

I'm all about the science, the facts, the seriousness, the deep vulnerability, but when I am not in "coach mode" (or even sometimes in coach mode), you'll find me being super lazy, cuddling my puppy (ok ok, she's 3 and 75lbs – she'll forever be my baby!), drinking beers with my husband or doing a DIY home project hoping for the best before running to the store and buying the real deal anyways. Anyone else? No? Just me. Ok.

just for fun

Enneagram Type 1, The Reformer


As a kid, my favorite subjects were maths & physics.

In my friends’ group, I’m the one who always gathers everyone.

Can’t live without coffee, my dog & my husband. Am I basic?

My most recent Netflix binge is The OC, yet again.

I never go to sleep without my mouthguard, earplugs, and a scrunchie. Please tell me, I’m not alone.

I’m surprisingly good at directions.

If I had a superpower, I’d want it to be singing so well people cry. (I don’t even sing in the shower, there’s a long way to go.)

Fave cocktail: Spicy skinny marg.

Favorite day of the week: Monday.

Favorite quality in a person: Straight up deep vulnerable cut throat honesty.

I’m the happiest when I am in my routine at home, yet planning a trip.

< Japan's next!


True health, ease and alignment. Reached & maintained my best body over the last 3 years while eating ice cream every day and not worrying about food or exercise, ever.


Gaining weight back, feeling "bulky", doubting my metabolism and "best body" despite having all of the knowledge & scientific background.


Health back-firing on me; developed IBS, severe anxiety and depression, and feeling completely lost. Hating my body, still.


Diving head first into all things health, and getting completely lost in the process; disordered eating, fear of foods, overexercising, secondary amenorrhea...


Dabbling into fitness, starting to "program" and "diet hop, trying all of the things... slowly seeing results.


Unaware of the impact of nutrition on my body and my behavior. Horribly self-conscious, hating my body, wondering if “I’ll ever be one of them”.



my energy is mine first

home sweet home

slow is smooth, smooth is fast.

I've got me.

rest is productive

Don't let anyone steal your magic

Feel like you finally found the right fit?
LET's do it.

I offer many different ways you can jump into my world & work with me. From self-paced programs to live group programs (my fave! like-minded women on the same mission, hell yeah!), all the way to completely personalised coaching with high-level support from me. Plus, you can pick my brain for an hour in my Breakthrough Sessions. Can't wait to meet ya!

work with me

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