Live bloat-free, naturally.

Your best summer body is bloat-free.

Learn all the skills & tools to avoid, manage & reduce bloating with a few small tweaks that won’t consume your every day – no supplements, cutting out foods or lengthy protocols required.

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Gain clarity on how to properly nourish your body to stay bloat-free, as well as what foods to be mindful around!


The holistic lifestyle to support smooth digestion so you don't have to wonder "What am I doing wrong again today!?" ever again.


Realize you’re not doomed to have daily discomfort and learn the hacks, tricks & at home remedies to de-bloat, naturally.

exactly what I've been looking for

let's be honest.

You're done wondering: "Is something wrong with me?"

Instead of spending yet another spring avoiding all foods, google searching $$ intolerance tests or supplements and wondering why your friend cured her bloat, but you can’t figure out yours…
Let this be the year that your food decisions are easeful, your stomach flat & your tops cropped.

This workshop will help you avoid & manage bloating with a few simple tangible strategies that won't interrupt your life!

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understand bloating & avoid the most common mistakes 


learn how to clearly differentiate between preventable & medical bloat


Confidently navigate food choices this summer + beyond


apply simple hacks to avoid bloating so you can wear your fave outfits every day

learn the science & skills to reduce bloat naturally, no supplements required

so ready!!!

"I feel so much less bloated, this is crazy! So simple, yet so effective."

- clara

the perks

  • Understand what bloating is “normal” & caused by nutrition + lifestyle, and what bloating is medical (and needs medical attention).
  • Lifestyle hacks to avoid & manage bloating so you can finally choose your outfit based on your style & mood, not your body!
  • Clarity of what causes bloating & how to avoid the most common mistakes so you can ditch the “what’s wrong with ME?” questions or being scared of every food you want to eat.
  • The go-to tips & at home remedies to reduce + manage bloat naturally, no supplements required.
  • Confidently navigate food choices this summer + beyond knowing how to make your body feel (and look) it’s best without stressing, fearing or avoiding foods.
  • List of common bloating-triggering foods + the framework to successfully track & identify the foods that trigger YOU, no more elimination diets.
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A nutritionist who investigates beyond nutrition.

Of course, the foods you eat impact your digestion & body. But as a health & mindset coach, I have spent the majority of my career understanding the science & practice behind creating & maintaining a lean bloat-free body, and it goes way beyond nutrition.


A woman who wants to see fat loss progress.

You put so much effort & time into your health and fat loss journey, and it's about time that you get to visually see the results – that have yet to peak through your bloated belly, without crazy cleanses or supplements.

hell yeah!

it's for you if this is your vibe:

Stay away if:

  • You’re done spending $$$ on supplements, detoxes & food intolerance tests that just lead to elimination diets.
  • You’re ready to make consistent small shifts & tweaks in your nutrition + lifestyle and reap the benefits.
  • You finally want to understand the science & skills to avoid bloating once and for all – naturally.
  • You have diagnosed gastrointestinal issues (e.g. IBS, Crohn’s disease, etc.), you’re still under medical supervision, and you're hoping to get "cured".
  • You expect magical results from day one without putting in any effort.
  • You believe nothing will ever change, that your body is broken, and that only crazy detoxes, cleanses or food avoidance will work.

be bloat free will

get you:

+ THE workshop

+ list of things to avoid & hacks


+ framework to identify your triggers

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only $150

"Haven't had any energy low, 3pm slump or massive bloat since starting!"

- stephanie


How do I gain access to the workshop?

It is now a recording of the Live on May 1st, 2024 and you have lifetime access to the recording so you can go through it whenever you want. There is no direct support or access to me with this workshop at this point.

What if I am intolerant to dairy or gluten?

Be Bloat Free is not a meal plan and will not prescribe what you should be eating. It is a Masterclass with added support that will teach you how to track your own bloating triggers, how to adjust your lifestyle to minimize bloat & how to reduce bloat naturally – whether you eat all foods or have any specific dietary restrictions.


How do I know this workshop is for me, or if I should see a doctor for my bloating?

Be Bloat Free is for you if you finally want to understand the science & skills to avoid bloating once and for all – naturally. Whether you have any diagnosed or undiagnosed digestive issues or concerns, these lifestyle & nutrition changes will still be valuable. However, if you have pain when feeling bloated regularly or after eating certain foods in particular, you may want to consult your doctor to exclude Celiac or Crohn's disease, IBS or any other serious condition that requires medical attention.


Let's get you
from bloated to liberated,
from discomfort to ease,
from constricted to free...

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