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The online course to finally honor and properly nourish your body, indulge with intention, and actually get & stay toned.

Finding food freedom & reaching body goals never felt this good.

It’s about time you could burn fat and feel your best in your skin, without all the disordered eating thoughts, food rules, and restrictions that come with it! You deserve to drop the shame of wanting to lose weight & claim your desire to be more confident in your looks!




who says yes to a spontaneous pool day, rocking your swimsuit & sipping on a mojito, without having dieted for 2 months prior

who is energised and focused in meetings without the third black coffee 'cause saving calories

who orders the cheesy pizza without blinking & has never gained a pound in her life.

out with
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nutrition strategy

I've been there -- it feels like your metabolism or your body is “broken”, nothing seems to work long-term, and the thought of tracking all of your meals again, or even worse go on the Whole 30, makes you cringe.

While you don’t want to think about food anymore and actually enjoy life like everyone else seems to be doing without gaining weight (like HOW!?), you’re also aware that being healthy & avoiding nutrient deficiencies are key. How much more learning & trial and error will be needed?

you're ready for more.
you're ready to feel better.

You keep thinking there's got to be a better way... 

By applying scientific evidence to your nutrition while making it flexible, unique to you, simple & delicious so you actually stick to it! No pushing, no battling. Just nourishing your body and soul (hehe, chocolate is still a must!).In Nourish, you'll learn everything you need to know to optimise your metabolism for fat loss, minimise cravings & maximise satisfaction.

Ready to stop restricting and get real, lasting results, to experience life in your best body?


- Alex L.

I was finally able to "indulge" without feeling unworthy or guilty or gross.

"I loved how everything you said was body neutral and even though the results are looking better, the TRUE transformation is feeling better."

- Xanthe A.

the lean you

The 4-week course to master the flexible approach to nutrition that leaves you satisfied, energised & healthy while reaching your aesthetic body goals.

welcome to


Your intuitive eating dietician will be triggered ‘cause you’ll also learn all the evidence-based hacks to create real fat loss results, and your trainer will get jealous ‘cause you get results without eating protein shakes & doing fasted cardio.


Nourish The Lean You


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  • The nutrition strategy
  • The meal planning 
  • The example recipes
  • The body guide
  • The soul food strategy

Providing the step-by-step approach & the scientific reasons WHY you specifically need X and Y, so you can stop doubting + switching from diet or meal plan to the next, “what if it doesn’t work” isn’t a question anymore, you trust the process to keep going, optimise your metabolism for fat loss & enjoy the results.

Master easy weekly meal planning to avoid the overwhelmed, always be prepped and stay on track for the long run.

For those days where you need a little inspo ‘cause your avocado toast ain’t cutting it 24/7. Every recipe is 100% nutritionally & fat-loss approved, I did all the math for you!

All the tools & skills to better understand, listen to & trust your body and what's truly needed to lose weight but maintain a healthy life forever.

So you reduce stress & ditch restriction, enjoy the damn burger, and still stay aligned with health and goals.

And on top of all that goodness, you’ll also get

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Click any button on this page & declare you’re ready to feel energised & lose weight without cutting out your fave foods!


Choose your payment plan and immediately start nourishing the lean you! 

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Check your inbox for a warm welcome, start prepping the veg & delete MyFitnessPal– all the info to start will be there!

real results:

"I lost 6lbs THIS month, thanks to applying all what we've learned.My whole mindset has changed!"

I'm waaaay less worried and stressed about food now, because I know how things work and what to do. Guilt has disappeared when having soul foods, because I know "how" to enjoy soul foods, and how to turn them into balanced meals if having leftovers, which also lead to decrease the level of stress that that generated. I feel better in my own body, and what's matters the most, in my own head, because most of the struggles I had about food how now disappeared.

- Abla C

"I feel COMPLETELY transformed in the confidence I feel around food."

 I know exactly what decisions to make to feel my best AND I know how to give myself grace to indulge, in a way that feels strategic, relaxed, and joyful. I feel like I completely understand my energy levels, can navigate my cravings without any stress, and eating out feels SO much easier and more enjoyable. I used to stress so much about a "bad" eating day or an indulgent meal, and going on vacation would leave me in a complete spiral... but with the tools I learned in Nourish I've been able to enjoy two summer vacations without restricting, without gaining any weight, and all of the guilt/shame I used to feel is replaced with a much more positive, empowered mindset. I'm SO grateful.

- Xanthe A.

"I'm so proud! Not only did I lose 9lbs, I am so much more confident and finally trust my body!"

I don't need to count calories anymore. I know what to eat, when to eat and how much to eat for my body. Honestly, I thought this process would take so much longer, but with your help it was a lot faster than I expected!

- Marie

"I fundamentally changed my relationship with food - towards ease and feeling great in my body!"

"If you are looking for a totally relaxed and enlightened relationship with your diet, I would 100% advise you to do yourself a favour and go for Nourish! No diet plan, no rules, but understanding, clarity, body awareness, and most importantly, fun and enjoyment while eating - without restriction or fear."

- Bailey, Interior Designer

 Now, I feel good about the way I look, and have the confidence to wear tight sports trousers, leggings, or tight dresses.”

"I was afraid of being given a step-by-step plan, having to count calories or measure each ingredient in order to prepare your meal. Alexia taught me how to make balanced meals without cutting out pizza, pasta, hamburgers, or anything else. This plus the mindset work have helped me to reach my goal and to be able to live life freely and eat what I want without gaining weight and blaming myself."

- Laura C, 30

"I feel light and have control over my eating habits in contrast to a few months ago, when food controlled me."

“Thank you, Alexia! I felt so bad in my body and totally powerless against the diet dogmas that have been surrounding me since I was a child. I was able to learn to listen to my body more, what I need and when I need it."

- Caroline, 34

"I went in with a “let’s see” attitude and have been surprised by how transformative this program has been."

"I have taken over full ownership of my nutrition but the benefits go way further: increased energy, better sleep quality, and overall feeling better and happier with myself.”

- Philippa











just go back to restricting & counting calories before the Mexico trip,

You want to be picture-ready 365 days a year & not account for the post-restriction binges and weight gain.

subscribe a healthy meal delivery service,

you want to be a big girl & show your (future) kids that cooking + eating healthy is easy.

see a dietician for a consultation and “safely store” her guideline sheet in the kitchen drawer,

you want to stay accountable & be able to ask “WTF do I do here? Mocktail or glass or red?”

try all of the tricks to deal with cravings you can find on the internet,

you don’t want to have cravings in the first place.

And now I’ve taken my 6 years of education & experience in nutrition and condensed it into 4 weeks of simple, pragmatic actionable steps & tools for you to reach YOUR body goals the smart way, using effective evidence-based hacks – and without requiring that calorie counting app anymore.

I’ve been where you are.

the ingredients




start now!

+ your unique NUTRITION STRATEGY via all the know-how in 7 modules

for $450

this simply isn’t for you.

If you’re looking for a meal plan, macro & calorie calculators, a list of forbidden foods,

But if you’re looking for…

To fully trust, respect & empower your body and yourself , this is for you.

You’ll need to put your glasses on to grasp a few key concepts, and then you can stock your fridge, make reservations at your favorite restaurants and nourish the lean you! This program is for the go-getter in you who is ready to put in some time & effort NOW to finally find ultimate peace, ease & confidence in your body and around food FOREVER.

This is where I started living again, free around food & present with loved ones, 'cause I felt good! 

haaaave you met Alexia?

Hey, that's me!

Not only do I have proper scientific education (that’s why IIN health coaches still take my programs!) through my Neuroscience BSc, Nutrition MSc & personal training diploma (+ bodybuilding specialist certificate in progress), but I have 4 years of experience helping women to end their weight loss struggles, disordered eating & finally feel at ease around food while also reaching their absolute best bodies.

Here's the thing: It doesn't have to be this hard, and you don't have to punish or deprive your body, without really seeing the results YOU want. 

I have gone through the struggle of "not finding the perfect diet". I tried *literally* everything (from IF to being vegan, everyyything), and while some weight was lost, my relationship with food was lost right with it! I started fearing foods, obsessing over my weight, stuck in my mind 24/7 wondering if "I'll ever be normal again".

I used to hate my body. Every time I looked at myself in the mirror I was frustrated. "This is what I walked around all day!?" I wished my body was different. I felt unlucky & unchosen. Now, I have come out the other way!

It took me YEARS, but my clients get massive results in only a few months with a personalised nutrition strategy that works for their bodies & fancy lifestyles (or not so fancy lifestyles, no judgment here)!

You'll immediately access all of the course content. You'll learn about your body, nutrition, and the effect of food on your body & behaviour to create your unique strategy & easily apply the evidence-based hack to lose weight with ease.


I truly believe that you can do it! And I also know that questions will come up & some added accountability can be super beneficial. If you know this is you, check out the VIP option. Or you can add on a breakthrough session.

Since Nourish is a course, it is difficult to address every dietary restriction separately. However, you'll have all the tools, know-how & support to adapt true nutrition principles to your body no matter what you choose to eat or not eat. 

Oh dear, I hear you!! 75% of women are scared to re-invest after so many failed diets or programs. The thing is THIS is not a diet, not a quick fix, not a plan to follow. This is deep understanding of how to make nutrition work for your unique body, completely science-backed. I didn't invent any of it, I just made it so practical and easy to apply that failure isn't an option.

I totally get it (I've been there)! And you know that you can't keep restricting like this... Imagine gaining your brain power & time back, and being able to indulge free of guilt because your metabolism & body are optimised for fat loss all the time through your nutrition. I'll show you how.


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Nourish The Lean You


let's talk investment

2 monthly payments of

pay in full

let's go


all in!

(You're so ready, and desire high-level direct support from me? View the VIP OPTION.)





Do you want to learn how to optimise your nutrition for your goals?
Are you ready to make a few little changes & tweaks to your meals and routines?
Are you aware of & actively working towards overcoming the mindset obstacles that are keeping you in the restrict-overeating loop? 
Are you working out regularly, seeing some results & knowing your nutrition is the reason why you’re not dropping the few extra pounds?

getting toned

If you answered YES to each question, Nourish is for you

Achieving a lean & toned look without having to restrict your foods or overexercise requires both a strong nutrition & exercise strategy. If you’re unsure about whether you’re making the most out of your workouts, I’d recommend adding Sculpt to the Nourish at checkout (or joining Sculpt Live in March!)