My strength lies in helping you remember the vibrant, healthy, fun, confident & strong you – free from needing control around food, and yet all while getting lasting fat loss results.

My clients get amazing results because of who they choose to be. Action takers, always looking for a solution & putting themselves first. They are open to learning & putting in the time and effort to make a change. They are completely self-reliant and independent. They implement the guidance given quickly. They’re also coachable, open to being vulnerable and ready to do the deep (sometimes painful or uncomfortable) work because they know what’s on the other side.

I help ambitious women reach their best body with ease without cutting out foods, restrictions or punishing their bodies in the gym. 

our expertise:

We help badass female creative entreprenuers uncover their purpose and find their passion.

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1:1 coaching

A solutions-based strategy session and 24hrs of support to break through your most immediate barriers to reaching your health & body goals.

In this 1:1 intensive, we’ll create actionable steps to implement right away, with a personalized focus on nutrition for fat loss taking into account your lifestyle + preferences, your body-type specific workout routine, energy + time management, weight loss, fat loss & body “sculpting”, your health habits, and your relationship with food.

001. 60 min session + 24hr support


Only 2 spots left for July.

This is a VIP coaching experience focusing on personalized nutrition & exercise, deep mindset work, as well as time & energy management so that you can prioritize health, reach your aesthetic goals & finally feel like you don’t have to choose between loving your body or loving your life. 

Over 3 months of strategy + coaching sessions and unlimited Voxer voice note coaching, we co-create on-the-go to harness a sustainable routine that fits your busy lifestyle & your unique body, an easeful relationship with food & your body & a body you can’t wait to show off.

002. A 3-Month 1:1 Experience To Reach Your Best Body with Clarity & Ease

*BEST for a full transformation*

group coaching

Finally be in charge of your eating habits with the intimate high-level 10-week live GROUP coaching program helping you to overcome emotional eating, stop self-sabotage, embrace your best body & finally lose weight with ease.
Next group round will start in September 2024. Join the waitlist to learn more about the program & what's possible for you!

003. 10-week group coaching program

*BEST FOR healing your relationship with food*


From crying at restaurants not knowing what to eat, hating her body & never feeling good enough to ultimate freedom & confidence.

"I am able to enjoy life without obsessing about food, I can even take my shirt off when working out and being outside in a bathing suit, I have more ease and confidence around food and myself. I lost some weight - not sure how much but I can tell I look the most athletic I’ve ever been. I’m able to stop when I’m full. I’m able to enjoy going out with friends. I trust myself to make good decisions that will make me feel good." – Megan C.


From being stuck in restrictive cycles and yet feeling out of control around food to losing weight, no more bloating and being free around food and in her body.

"My body has changed in ways that I was scared to even say out loud that I desired when coming into it (because I didn’t believe that the toned, healthy, non-bloated me could exist for me consistently.) I feel so much more confident and comfortable around food. I feel so much less pressure about food. The neutrality about it all is so refreshing: food is just food and I can have it when I need/want it and stop at any time. The freedom is amazing." – Jess E.


From punishing her body with 2hr workouts & severe restrictions to losing weight while eating burgers, pasta & cookies.

"I feel so much better in my body. I have never thought of my body as "beautiful" or "desirable", but now that's exactly what I do when I look in the mirror. I reached my goal weight and through the personalised exercise program, I have gained muscle without over-exercising and my belly, arms and thighs are more toned. My longing for snacks has also dramatically decreased. Instead, I can simply just have some (if I want to) and stop there, no more binging or guilt. In the beginning, it sounded all too good to be true. Eating burgers, pasta, rice, and cookies without gaining, but losing weight. But that is exactly what happened because I stuck to the strategy and made myself accountable (instead of the surroundings). I feel empowered." – Sarah D.

It's possible to love & maintain your best body and to love your life, saying 'yes' to spontaneous drinks with the girls instead of hitting the gym!

I believe every woman deserves to feel and look her best without cutting out all of her favorite foods or running off the calorie surplus. So if the thought of ordering a spicy marg AND crispy fries on a rest day makes you want to jump on the table and yell “I did it!” I’m right there with you.

by the way

that's what they said:

I feel like a new person. I don’t define myself by the shape of my body or the number on the scale. I’m free to enjoy my life without judging myself or tearing myself down. For that, I’m eternally grateful to you!


Now I am just super relaxed about my training! Before, it had a negative connotation and was more of a duty. And of course, it’s SO nice to see that my body is slowly getting toned!


I'm feeling more energised, more lean (and even more sculpted) already! Those small changes are really making a difference. I couldn't be happier to have gained some knowledge about my own goals, my own body and how to feel my best ! Thank you!


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