You’re not doomed to be stuck in a broader body!

Learn all the skills & tools to create definition & lean out with a few small tweaks that won’t consume your every day – no starving, macro counting, or daily training required.

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Learn the science & skills to prioritize muscle tone, strength & health without gaining size within your specific workouts & workout routine.


The nutrition strategy, aka. foods t eat & how much to eat, to burn fat, create muscle tone & strength without gaining size OR starving yourself.

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Realise you’re not doomed to be stuck in a broader body, respect & embrace your unique body AND still create the leanest & most toned version of your body.

exactly what I've been looking for

let's be real.

Not everybody wants to be "strong AF".

Instead of spending yet another summer prep hitting the gym hard, starving yourself and ending up in a more masculine and swollen body that doesn’t feel like yours…
Let this be the year that your routine is relaxed, your body balanced & your confidence steady.

This workshop will help you slim down & create definition with a few simple tangible strategies that’ll have you dancing in your shorts!

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set realistic & achievable goals for your unique body


learn how to clearly differentiate between fat gain, “bulk” & inflammation


confidently create a consistent & manageable routine that pairs exercise and nutrition for optimal lean results


boldly & confidently apply the steps to reduce bulk, slim down & achieve the results that you truly want – not those that they say you should want*

learn the science & skills to prioritize muscle tone, strength & health without gaining size

so ready!!!

"Looks good feels good,
Feels good looks good, 
Goes both ways and I love that I have tools for them both!"

- jess

the perks

  • Complete understanding of what’s possible for you – what physical aspects are determined by genetics, by your body type, or by the things you’re doing.
  • Grasp of what workouts are making you bulky: a list of workouts to do and those to avoid.
  • How many workouts are necessary to create lean long muscles, rather than bulking up.
  • The confidence to trust the process & the exact timeline* to reach your goals.
  • A concise action plan to go from bulky to lean.
  • Your specific workout formula.
give it to meee!


A personal trainer that doesn't want to have gains.

Of course I still want results. But as a personal trainer with extensive exercise physiology and fitness experience, I have spent the majority of my career understanding the science & practice behind creating a lean body.


A woman that wants a feminine look.

You want to stop doing workouts that leave you puffy, inflamed, and exhausted, and start building a sustainable workout schedule that supports your slimmest physique, and keep you feeling strong without starving yourself.

hell yeah!

bulky 2 lean will

get you:

+ THE workshop

+ specific workout formula

+ lifetime access

+ workouts & exercises to avoid

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only $150

"It's so nice to see that my body seems to be slowly getting toned!"

- bailey


How do I gain access to the workshop?

It is now a recording of the Live on March 6th, 2024 and you have lifetime access to the recording so you can go through it whenever you want. There is no direct support or access to me with this workshop at this point.

Is it a total body program & accessible to all levels?

Bulky2Lean is not a workout program. You'll learn the tools & action steps to lean out instead of getting bulky. If you're looking to work out with me & learn all of my tips & tricks in action – LeChallenge is for you! It is a program including guided workouts.


How do I know this workshop is for me, or if Sculpt is the better choice?

Sculpt is a comprehensive step-by-step program that’ll help you create, optimize & love your body-type specific workout routine for fat loss.
Bulky 2 Lean is a workshop that’ll teach you the actionable steps + tools to slim down and create the definition you’ve been working for.
Within one workshop, 3 days of messaging support & a few fun resources, you’ll finally grasp the causes of getting “bulky” and changes you can immediately implement to gain the trust to keep on doing the work.
Bulky 2 Lean does not substitute Sculpt. B2L is an amazing add-on or stand alone if you have been wondering HOW to slim down, rather than gain muscle size, with your workouts.


Let’s get you from bulky to lean with a few simple tangible strategies that’ll have you dancing in your shorts!

let's gooo