8 weeks to meet the leanest you!

The summer fitness challenge to kickstart your most sustainable workout routine that gives you the body you want *AND* freedom you crave!

let's gooo

8 weeks of guided workouts

Find a workout rhythm that actually feels good in your body and in your mind, with 3 weekly effective & lean body results-oriented workouts straight to your inbox.

meal ideas & grocery list

 Easy, quick, flexible and delicious meal ideas + the recipes with a simple execution process all laid out for you in an actionable Notion board.

weekly strategy + mindset training

Learn how to pair nutrition, exercise & mindset for optimal lean body results without killing yourself in the gym or starving yourself so you can apply the tools after the challenge is over.

exactly what I've been looking for


let's be real.

Summer is meant to be fun.

Instead of spending yet another summer prep hitting the gym hard, counting calories, not eating all day and ending up overdoing it on pizza, Apérol Spritz, and gelato to start all over again the next day…
Let this be the summer that your routine is relaxed, your body balanced & your confidence steady.

This challenge will help you burn fat & create definition with a nutrition + exercise combo that’ll have you dancing in your bikini!

need & want



Enjoy your summer to the fullest while still staying on track with your fat loss goals!


Confidently get into a consistent & manageable workout & eating routine.


Know that when you work out, even if time is limited, it’s going to be worth the effort & it’s going to create the body that you desire!


Know this isn’t just a summer challenge. These are results & habits you can maintain for the rest of the year.

Release the shame & guilt around not being perfect, indulgence and rest are part of the summer fat loss strategy for a reason.

so ready!!!

- jess

""I'm noticing a tightening of my core & a leaning out of my upper legs which has been my goal with exercise forever!"

the perks

  • An 8-week progressive workout program, adequate to all levels – specifically designed to create a lean toned body
  • Workouts excluding exercises & workout types that cause bulkiness and including all the modalities & hacks to lengthen and tone muscles.
  • An entire library with quality workouts that you can pull from any time.
  • The complete step-by-step framework to make healthy balanced + delicious meals as easy as possible, while allowing for treats, cocktails & eating out!
  • New weekly meal ideas with recipes & the grocery list!
  • Accountability & support from this amazing community & me as your coach!
  • Weekly strategy + mindset trainings & intention setting practice to keep your head in the game – while enjoying summer to the fullest!
give it to meee!


A personal trainer who doesn't want to have gains.

Of course I still want results. But as a personal trainer with extensive exercise physiology and fitness experience, I have spent the majority of my career understanding the science & practice behind creating a lean body – the easy & lazy way.


A woman who wants a lean look.

You want to stop doing workouts that leave you puffy, inflamed, and exhausted, and start building a sustainable workout schedule that supports your slimmest physique, and keep you feeling strong without starving yourself.

hell yeah!

the leanest you challenge


+ 8 week challenge

+ 3 guided workouts per week

+ weekly intention tracker + check list

+ weekly meal inspiration, recipes & grocery list

let's do this thing

only $249

+ weekly mini-training

+ community chat for support + momentum

+ Live Q&A

+ 6 months access to all the content

- Anna

"I feel so much more confident in my workouts – and in my body!"

"Every single question I’ve ever had about training that is not only effective but actually enjoyable has been answered through the challenge."

How it works

You'll receive a weekly email on Sunday mornings (EST) nudging you that the content has been release so you can get yourself prepped for the week! You'll find all the links you'll need & prompt to connect & stay accountable with this beautiful community in the chat!

sunday prep in your inbox

All the guided workouts and trainings will be found in a Kajabi library (if you've done a program with me before, you know how it looks). This is yours for the next 6 months so you can come back to the workouts whenever and as often as you want.

workouts + mini-training library

In week one, you'll grab your own Notion template that'll help you gather the meal inspo and recipes, and plan your weekly groceries – leaving room for spontaneous beach sandwiches, fancy date nights or crazy nights out. Each week you'll be able to add the newest finds so we can all nail our core healthy summer meals together!

Your very own meal inspo + prep notion board

july 8th - august 31st

sign me uppp!

- Kate

"The workouts are very approachable but also challenging and scalable."


Alexia, what’s the difference between the Challenge & any other workout platform?

It’s NOT a workout streaming platform (even though you do get 6-month access to the videos and can do them as often as you’d like!). It is a workout challenge & program; we’ll set an intention at the beginning of each week, and through the workouts you’ll learn how to optimize your form & training to practically achieve a goal. You’ll learn as much as you’ll sweat so you’re empowered to take ANY workout and tweak it as you please.

Alexia, I am traveling during the challenge… but I’d love to join.

This challenge is specifically designed for you to do ANYWHERE and as flexibly as you’d like. The workouts can be done with just a yoga mat (or beach towel, all other equipment is optional), and I am consciously only providing a limited amount of meal ideas & recipes per week so it leaves ample space for spontaneous tapas with the girls or family BBQs. This challenge is about incorporating simple, yet so effective, habits into your busy life rather than making space for a “challenge” that you won’t be able to sustain beyond the 8 weeks.


Alexia, time zones & schedules!? How are we going to train together?

We’re not, technically, but we are in our hearts & imaginations. The video workouts will be pre-recorded so you can do them whenever feels good for you, and we’ll check in about them in our community chat.


Alexia, what's the difference between the challenge & the Bulky to Lean workshop?

The workshop provides you with the deep scientific understanding, the skills & tools to avoid and reduce bulkiness through your workouts. The challenge on the other hand helps you APPLY all of the tools in real time through 8 weeks of guided workouts, meal ideas & intention setting. The workshop gives you the how, the challenge gives you the accountability to DO it.


Let’s keep you accountable with sticking to your goals without sacrificing enjoyment of the summer season.

let's gooo